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​Why you Need a Contact Lens Exam for Contact Lenses

Why you Need a Contact Lens Exam for Contact Lenses

When you decide to wear contact lenses, you must take measures to get the right options for your vision. A key part of finding the right lenses for your eyes is an exam to check on your vision and evaluate your eye health. An optometrist in Boston provides an exam for contacts as part of a comprehensive exam when you explain that you want to wear the lenses.

General Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam evaluates the health of your eyes and your current vision. During the exam, an eye doctor in Boston identifies any problems with your vision, changes to your vision over time and any concerns related to your eyes. We may check for glaucoma, cataracts or similar concerns that may impact your eye health. 

Although the basic eye exam ensures that you have the right prescription for your eyes, it does not provide enough information to find the right contacts for your vision. A Boston optometrist evaluates several factors before recommending contact lenses for your eyes.

Why Get a Contact Lens Exam from a Downtown Boston Eye Doctor

The reason you want a contact lens exam from a downtown Boston eye doctor is the opportunity to avoid unnecessary risks with your eyes. A contact lens exam in Boston allows a professional to measure your eyes. As a result, you obtain the right size and fit for your vision. We also evaluate the tear production in your eyes to ensure that you can comfortably wear contacts without risking damage to your eyes. By going through the exam, you ensure that your eyes are healthy enough for contacts and your contacts are the appropriate fit and material for your specific concerns and eye health.

Contact lenses provide an opportunity to correct your vision without wearing traditional glasses. By ensuring that you have the right information to wear contacts, you avoid unnecessary risks to your eyes. To learn more about a contact lens exam in Boston or to set up an appointment with an optometrist in Boston, call (617) 487-4640 today.

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