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Dry Eyes Treatment with our Optometrist in Boston

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that we are seeing more frequently. Our optometrist at Vision Care 2000 in Boston wants to assist you with your dry eye concerns. Learn more about this condition and find out how we treat dry eyes.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Individuals who are diagnosed with dry eyes are suffering from one of two causes. The eyes may be unable to produce enough tears due to blocked tear ducts, or their tears are evaporating too quickly. In either scenario, the result is dry, red, scratchy eyes. The eyes are not able to produce enough lubrication to keep them moist, which leads to eye pain. 

In addition, dry eyes do not have enough lubrication to catch foreign particles, such as dust, that enters the eye. As a result, you may be more apt to suffer from eye infections or other eye conditions due to dry eye syndrome. 

Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are may be due to blocked tear ducts. However, the most common reason for dry eye syndrome is the overuse of digital screens. Blue screens on computers, tablets, and smartphones create eye strain and lead to evaporation of eye moisture. You may also have dry eye syndrome because of medications you are taking or other related health problems, such as type II diabetes or high blood pressure.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

The treatment for dry eyes depends on the cause. Tear duct surgery can repair the ducts and enable a normal flow of lubrication. For individuals who are suffering from dry eye syndrome due to screen use, the recommendations include lifestyle changes and prescription eye drops. Lifestyle changes revolve around resting your eyes while using digital devices. Taking interspersing breaks from staring at screens can help your eyes.

Early Detection with Eye Exams

Most individuals who have dry eye syndrome are not properly diagnosed. Fortunately, with a visit to our optometrist, you can receive a medical diagnosis for this condition. We are then able to properly treat your dry eye condition using medications, eye drops, or eye treatments. This is the optimal solution for treating dry eyes so to avoid causing further damage to your eyes and vision. 

Contact Our Optometrist in Boston for Dry Eye Treatment

Do you think you have dry eyes or want to schedule an eye exam to check your eyes? Let our optometrist in Boston, MA assist you. Here at Vision Care 2000, we specialize in comprehensive eye and vision exams for your entire family. Consult with our eye doctor to test your eyes for dry eye syndrome by calling (617) 542-2020.


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