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Your Boston Optometrist Explains Why Regular Eye Exams Matter

As summer comes to a close, with families getting ready to send their children back to school and vacationers preparing to resume duties at their jobs, it would be a good idea to come in for an eye exam to make sure your vision is at its best. As your preferred Boston optometrist, we want to remind our patients about why regular eye exams matter.

The Importance of Regular Checkups at Your Eye Doctor in Boston

Your vision may worsen in between yearly visits to your downtown Boston eye doctor, which means that things will appear blurrier than they used to, in a gradual process that you might not realize is occurring. But a trip to your eye doctor will soon reveal the quality of your vision.

If your prescription needs to be adjusted, it’s a simple matter of ordering new contact lenses or eyeglasses to bring you clearer vision. This is why parents make a point of bringing their children in to see the eye doctor for testing, often before the beginning of the school year so they can rest assured the blackboard will be easy to see during instruction.

People whose jobs depend on the quality of their vision will also want to get their eyes tested on a regular basis. A good time for an eye exam in Boston is at the close of summer, or whenever they are transitioning from summer vacation to getting back on the job.

Catching Diseases Before They Grow Worse

Did you know that your eye doctor in Boston can detect diseases besides those affecting ocular health, by closely examining your eyes?

For instance, if the downtown Boston eye doctor notices you have bulging eyes, this can be a sign of thyroid disease. Fluid leaking from the eye’s blood vessels can indicate diabetic retinopathy, which the eye doctor can see before a patient’s family doctor detects this condition. So, coming in for regular eye exams is good for your overall health.

Schedule an Eye Exam in Boston at Vision Care 2000 Today

Remember that you should come in for an eye exam once per year or more often, depending on the schedule that you set up with your optometrist in Boston. For more information about the benefits of regular eye exams or to set your appointment, please reach out to the team at Vision Care 2000 today.

When was the last time you had your own eye exam or scheduled an eye test for someone in your family with an optometrist in Boston? Let us know in the comments section below!

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