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Pink Eye or Allergies?

pink eye and eye allergies treatment from your optometrist in boston

Do You Have Pink Eye or Allergies?

Do you have watery eyes or itchy eyes? It could be pink eye or it could be eye allergies. At Vision Care 2000, we provide comprehensive eye care throughout the greater Boston area, including care of eye conditions from pink eye to allergies. Learn how to tell the difference between pink eye and allergies, plus how we can help you in either case.

Pink Eye vs Eye Allergies

Eye allergies and pink eye look so similar because they are both manifestations of conjunctivitis. Symptoms common to both conditions include a pink or red tint to the eye, itchy eyes, and watery eyes. The easiest way to spot the difference is to look in the mirror. If it's eye allergies, both eyes will be equally affected. Pink eye usually affects one eye, not both, and it can cause a discharge as well.

Pink eye generally clears up on its own, but a visit to our Boston optometrist can relieve symptoms in 1-2 days. Eye allergy symptoms decrease when you limit exposure to the allergen. Our Boston optometrist can help you determine what may be causing your eye allergies, so you can take the right action.

Treating Eye Allergies & Pink Eye

When you visit our Downtown Boston eye doctor, we'll do a visual check to determine whether you've got eye allergies or pink eye. For pink eye, our eye doctor in Boston will prescribe an antibiotic eye drop. For eye allergies, our eye doctor in Boston will recommend a cold compress to relieve symptoms. We may prescribe eyedrops if the symptoms are severe, but many patients are able to reduce their eye allergies through behavioral and lifestyle changes. If pollen allergies get your eyes feeling itchy and watery, for instance, wearing sunglasses can reduce your painful symptoms.

See our Optometrist in Boston Today!

If you have symptoms that could be eye allergies or pink eye, it's important to get looked at by our optometrist in Boston. Reserve your appointment at (617) 487-4640 or use the convenient online scheduler.

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