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Five FAQs About Ortho-K By Your Boston Optometrist

Five FAQs About Ortho-K By Your Boston Optometrist

Orthokeratology is in overnight corneal reshaping and vision treatment involving wearing contact lenses overnight and waking up to clear vision that lasts all day long. Popular with athletes and those with busy lifestyles that prefer an alternative to daily wear lenses or eyeglasses, often seek out Ortho-K in Boston. Here are five common questions we answer about the process.

1. Am I too old or young for Ortho-K?

Our optometrist in Boston has recommended this vision treatment therapy for youngsters, seniors and those in between. If the user can safely insert, remove and care for lenses, then they are a candidate.

2. How soon will I see vision improvements with Ortho-K?

Most patients experience at least 70 percent better vision after the first night of wear. Within a week many patients come to follow ups with our Boston optometrist with 20/20 vision or better!

3. Does vision fade as the day goes on?

According to our downtown Boston eye doctor, as long as you wear your lenses for six hours per night, you should enjoy clear vision for around 36 hours post removal.

4. Is vision clear with the lenses in?

Yes. Vision is clear while wearing Ortho-K lenses, but it’s even better when they are removed. However, it’s safe to wear them any time of day.

5. What are the risks associated with Ortho-K?

Our Boston optometrist rarely hears reports of trouble with orthokeratology therapy, and the most common risks are similar to those of traditional contact lenses. Typically, these problems arise due to improper hygiene and cleaning. Symptoms can include discharge, redness, pain, itching, distorted vision or excessive eye moisture. See your eye doctor in Boston right away if symptoms present themselves.

Need an Optometrist in Boston?

If you have questions or are interested in Ortho-K, our eye doctor in Boston is happy to help you get the clear answers and vision improvement you deserve. Contact Vision Care 2000 at 617-487-4640 today to make an appointment with our downtown Boston eye doctor.

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